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Let's dive into the dark secrets of successful book marketing. Brace yourself for the unfiltered truth behind the scenes. Remember, becoming a successful author is a journey. It requires dedication, continuous learning, and a willingness to adapt. By focusing on crafting a mesmerizing book, robust marketing, and enhancing reader engagement, you will make it to TOP. Beat your competitors with your Eye-Opening performance from Day 1.

Our Approach

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Research To Lure
The Preferred Audience

When you collaborate with The American Ghostwriting, expect to work with native English speakers who are familiar with the dynamics and are considered writing veterans in the writing community.

A Calculated
Marketing Strategy

We make sure that everything we write—whether it's your story, an idea, or a concept—is written precisely as you had imagined it because we understand how important it is to establish oneself as an author.

A Personal Touch To
Your Promotional Needs

Every story is significant to us because we recognize its individual uniqueness. For every story, we employ a tailored strategy.

Our Simple 5 Step Process

Drafting & Outlining

We begin by understanding your idea and then devise a detailed plot outline.


Researching & Writing

Upon outline approval, the writing process will begin after a thorough brainstorm and research session.


Editing & Review

A review assessment is carefully done, and then the editing team screens for any and all corrections required.


Formatting & Designing

Once the manuscript is free of editing errors, the book is then formatted and designed for final publication.



Once published, a bespoke marketing plan is devised and executed for maximum reach and sales conversion.


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Launch Your Book in Four Simple Steps

Contact Us

You will get a free consultation from our experts in the first stage of your book publishing journey we will discuss your publishing aims and learn more about your book to see how we can best support you.

Submit Your Manuscript

In this step, our expert editors will peruse your manuscript to assess its readiness for publishing, providing comprehensive feedback.

Bring Your Book to Life

We understand that self-publishers can be daunting, but with our guidance, you can confidently navigate the process and turn your manuscript into a published book.

Share Your Story to The World

When you're ready to self-publish a book, we'll handle the printing and distribution while providing audiobook publishing and marketing assistance to help you connect with readers and share your story with the world.

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